Our Values

Our values form the base of everything we do.  They are who we are as a company.  They define our culture.  Whether in Hong Kong, New Zealand, the UK, Canada or any of our US service centers, you will see our values proudly displaced and daily demonstrated.

Frameunyielding integrity
in everything we do, say and stand for
Fully embraces SIRVA's values and Code of Business Conduct
Communicates candidly and openly
Shows consistency between words and actions

customer centric
anticipate customer needs and meet rising expectations
Knows the customer intimately
Actively seeks customer feedback
Lets customer need drive internal metrics
Develops effective working relationships with customers
Proactively seeks innovative ways to exceed customer expectations


associate oriented
fair, inclusive, upbeat work environment
Contributes to a positive "can do" environment
Respects and capitalizes on diversity and differences
Asks for and provides frequent feedback
Treats others fairly, with dignity and respect
Insures associates have the tools to do their jobs

performance based
winning relative to the external market
Demonstrates stretch thinking; sets individual goals that connect to business priorities
Keenly aware of external competitor's strengths and weaknesses
Strong desire to win
Effectively works with and through others...a team player
Relentlessly seeks out opportunities to grow the business

leadership driven
a passion to be the best
Challenges themselves and others to continually raise the performance bar
Holds self to high standards of personal performance
Solicits feedback from others to identify areas of self-improvement
Seeks out new challenges and stretch assignments
Searches for "best practices" to apply to their operations
Knows when to lead and follow; equally strong at both