Continous Learning

SIRVA offers a comprehensive tax free tuition reimbursement program for employees seeking a two-year, four-year or advanced degree related to our business.  We offer the IRS maximum allowance of $5250 annually to full-time employees.

For self-paced enrichment, SIRVA offers a full on-line curriculum as well as an extensive business video library that enhances soft skills, leadership skills, supervisory skills, and desktop application skills.  In addition, all associates participate in SIRVA's on-line ethics and compliance education, which helps keep associates current.  And of course, employees receive coaching and on-the-job training from supervisors and key employees.

Opportunities exist for selected employees to obtain the coveted Certified Relocation Professional (CRP) and Global Management Specialist  (GMS) designations offered through our industry governing counsel, Employee Relocation Counsel (ERC).    SIRVA also offers a customer service certification which all team members from across the globe can participate in.

In addition, various departments offer extensive new hire training along with a continuing education program, using a mixture of live, distance, and on -line learning.